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Orchestra Profile

Ever Thought of Joining Your Local Orchestra? 

Do you play an instrument, been learning a few years or just getting back to it after a long break???
Come along, have fun and improve your skill with others... 
contact a committee member (phone numbers below) or just come along to practices 7-9pm Thursdays at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall in Valley St Coffs Harbour .


Orchestra History

Coffs Harbour City Orchestra began its life in 1979 when started up by its first conductor Danny Cowan.  Since then it has waxed and waned but continues to attract local amateurs and has recently undergone considerable expansion. The Orchestra has members ranging in age from teenagers to players in their seventies.  Players are drawn from the local community encompassing not only Coffs Harbour but also Nambucca, Urunga, Bonville, Sawtell, Woolgoolga, Mullaway, Arrawarra, Corindi, Nana Glen, Glenreagh and Bellingen areas.  Some members drive 40-odd  kilometres to practice each week.

Orchestra Business

The orchestra is incorporated as an association and complies with the requirements administered by the Department of Fair Trading including an AGM of all available members.  Business is managed by a Committee elected at the annual general meeting each March. The Committee meets around 4 times a year depending on requirements. Orchestra Members can ask Committee members to raise issues on their behalf and the Committee can ask orchestra members to join the discussion of particular items.


Current Coffs Harbour City Orchestra Committee

President:              Chenoa Wilson                 0416 487 808
Vice President       Happy Mollica                   0414 644 476
Secretary               Pamela Fayle                    (02) 6654 7700
Treasurer               David Fayle                      0401 022 951
Librarian                Louise Thompson              (02) 6655 9320
Publicity Officer     Cath McIntyre                  0421 965 478

Conductor               Tim Egan                         0418 515 617                  


Orchestra Structure 

The orchestra is made up of 5 sections (see members info button on this site for a list of current members)

Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp, guitar (and bass guitar)
Woodwind – Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone (alto sax, tenor sax and soprano sax), Bass Clarinet, Bassoon
Brass – Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba
Tuned Percussion – Timpani, Piano, Xylophone, Glockenspiel etc.
Untuned Percussion – Drums, Cymbals, triangles, tambourines etc. 


The Conductor

Coffs Harbour City Orchestra has been flourishing under the leadership of Tim Egan since January 2013. Tim has played in the orchestra in years gone by, and is a first class trumpet player and teacher with broad musical experience, including musicals and musical ensembles.  Tim has attracted many new players and the orchestra membership is now around 50.  


Nota Bene 

An orchestra is a large ensemble and not appropriate for all venues or occasions.  In 2018 six members of the Orchestra with an interest in chamber music formed a string ensemble, "Nota Bene". The group involves 3 violins, 2 violas and a cello and performs as a feature group at some Orchestra concerts also adding a piano on occasion.  In the past year they have also performed in their own right at the Coffs Seniors week Concert in the Botanic Gardens, at a wedding, at the Bellingen Fine Music Festival, at a Red Cross concert and an art exhibition opening and Bellingen Arts Week.  Nota Bene is Wendy Nathan (lead violin), Louise Thompson and Pamela Fayle (violins), Ruth Egan and David Fayle (violas) and Stephanie Abbott (cello) with occasional member Adrienne Farago (piano).